“RIS Holding” offers various crew management combinations which can be designed specifically to your needs.  We can either provide some ranks or supply a full crew where we take full responsibility for the entire crew. We work 24/7 to fulfill your requirements and keep you satisfied.

All our officers and ratingss are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of Owners and vessels types. Extensive interviews and testing techniques are undertaken to ensure you will have Competent, highly trained and reliable ships personnel.

In addition we can supply your good company with repairing and maintenance teams consisting of skilled and certified welders, mechanic engineers, motormen and etc. On all types of ships for repair and maintenance works both in Ukraine and in any country on your choice.

Selection and recruitment

Selection and recruitment of skilled and experienced officers, ratings and the other marine personnel under high international standards for:

  • Bulk carriers
  • General Cargo vessels
  • Container vessels
  • Ro-Ro – PCC – Ro-Lo
  • Passenger fleet
  • Reefers
  • Chemical tankers
  • Oil and Product tankers
  • LPG
  • Off-shore fleet

Our services include:

  • Immigration and visa formalities, travel arrangements
  • Applications for Flag State licenses and the other documentation
  • Training courses arrangement
  • Working clothes/ uniform supply

Our Marine Crewing includes recruitment of following personnel:

  • Senior Deck & Engine Officers
  • Deck & Engine Officers
  • Deck & Engine Ratings
  • Artist
  • Catering Crew
  • Utilities Crew
  • Repair teams
  • Cadets


It is a requirement of “RIS Holding”, Policy that every employee, at sea, be responsible and participate actively in implementing and improving the quality management system to ensure that the Company’s activities are conducted with high regard to the community and the environment.

The staff of Captains and engineers interview individuals of all ranks for jobs on the vessels. This is an important task for the Company as recruiting a good crew is a crucial aspect of its shipping activities. A competent crew not only assures the safety of the vessel but can also save many thousands of dollars in the cost and maintenance of a ship, and a good captain and his officers ensure the vessel carries out its Charter Party commitments reliably, efficiently and punctually.

Our Company “RIS Holding” is working closely with all branches of local administration, port authorities, agents, various branches of transport.
Company “RIS Holding” offers to be your pilot in the South of Ukraine on various issues concerning transport business, recruiting qualified personnel, consultancy, providing comprehensive information and statistics on the market of Ukraine.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of local conditions, combined with international experience we are able to provide our clients with services of the highest quality. Relationships with our clients, staff and partners are based on international values. We strive to make a significant contribution to the development and growth of business of our clients on the national and international markets.


Crew Resource Management.
Since the Company Policy to provide the highest priority to the health and safety of personnel embarked on the vessel, each new officer recruited needs to be trained in Owners/Company Safety System before to walk up to the gangway. From this respective we offer two days course subject related to the commercial background of ship operation, Safety Management System, company manuals.  The program teaches crew members how to use their interpersonal and leadership styles in ways that foster crew effectiveness.


Ukrainian Marine solid educational system based on Odessa National Maritime Academy allows to set up the period contracts with cadets of navigator, engineer and electric engineer specialties.
“RIS Holding”  has an opportunity to offer to our partners the appropriate candidates.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

The Company “RIS Holding”  has implemented a ‘zero tolerance policy in the use and/or trafficking of internationally controlled substances and alcohol abuse, for both shore-based and shipboard personnel.

A person is considered under the influence of alcohol and his/her performance impaired, when he/she has a blood alcohol content of 40mg/100ml, or greater. The Company requires a period of abstinence from alcohol to be exercised prior to any scheduled watch keeping duties or work periods, as per Company Drugs and Alcohol procedures.

All sea-going personnel, and shore-based personnel shall sign a declaration of acceptance of the Company’s drug and alcohol policy. All sea-going personnel employed by the Company must undergo a drugs and alcohol screening test and pass it, before signing on.
If it is determined that a Company employee has or is abusing controlled substances or alcohol, his/her employment will be terminated.

Looking forward to have a long term business relationship with any of our customers.

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